First Responders

Our first responders are vital to our public safety. Did you know that our Fire Fighters are all volunteers and our Rescue Squad relies heavily on volunteers as well? Did you know that we need to have at least 10 new volunteers PER month on each squad to make up for people leaving our first responder squads? Every single one of us relies on these squads to be there in a moment of need.
The Township needs to do more to support our First Responders. When elected we pledge to do more than just set the minimum amount of money aside year after year for equipment and training which is what our opponents have done. We MUST support our first responders with programs that maximize enrollment and tenure. Here are some of our ideas:

• Budget for professional recruitment support to ensure strong volunteer recruit pipeline
• Support quarterly recognition programs to publicize key accomplishments of individuals who serve with excellence
• Engage local businesses to support first responder discount programs
• Identify ways to support the 25-45 year-old volunteers who often leave the squads to meet the demands of work and family