Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a state mandate; the number of units we are required to provide in Readington is currently being decided in the courts. It is clear this is an ever-growing piece of township governance, however it is also clear that the public is being shielded from the decision-making process.

We submitted an OPRA request for meeting information from the Affordable Housing Committee, as referenced on the Planning Board’s slide presentation, to confirm what we already knew. The Affordable Housing Committee acts in an “advisory capacity with no authorization to make decisions. It is an appointed sub-committee, not organized by ordinance, and therefore not required to have minutes.”


When elected to Township Committee we will make the Affordable Housing Committee an official subcommittee of the Planning Board, subjected to Open Public Meeting Law, required to report regularly, and will include additional appointments of members of the Board of Education and Emergency Services. Key decisions such as Affordable Housing should be made in a public forum since it impacts our entire township.